Summer Internship 2017

Summer 2017 Internship Opportunity at UCL: Grand Unified Metaheuristic Machine Learning

We are looking for a student to work as a summer intern at UCL within the Software Systems Engineering Group. The successful candidate will spend 10 weeks working with established researchers to develop a research project regarding the application of metaheuristics to software engineering problems.

Technical Background

Metaheuristics such as Genetic Algorithms and Ant Colony Optimisation are used to solve optimisation problems; research in this area has produced a large and ever-increasing number of algorithms and implementations. Many researchers reinvent the wheel with their own implementations, and are unable to easily recombine approaches from separate silos.

Metaheuristics in the Large (MitL) is an ambitious initiative to encourage a step-change in metaheuristic research, by raising the abstraction layer at which researchers work. The project has many notable contributors and we are preparing a series of publications. The development of associated tooling is reaching a level of maturity where some code can be deployed.

The goal of this internship is to identify the most promising achievements of MitL, and contribute through infrastructure development, coding, writing, and more general dissemination. This will include the selection of useful components and deploying them through GitHub, working with developers to unify existing work, and disseminating the project’s results to researchers through many channels including blogs, tutorials, and scientific papers.


Desire to learn about metaheuristics and the scientific process. Strong programming skills, particularly in Java (Scala would be advantageous). Experience with git. Writing skills.


If you are interested in this internship, please send a CV to David R. White,, by Friday 7th July 2017.

Preliminary Reading

Background on the SSE group:

MitL holding page:

A Research Agenda for Metaheuristic Standardization

Swan et al.

Interns will be employed and paid in accordance with UCL Internship Policy (, accrue annual leave, and be entitled to statutory sick pay and other pay (see the policy for further details).  Currently the rate of pay is £9.15 per hour with the expectation of no more than a 36.5 hr working week.  Interns are subject to UCL Right to Work checks.