Summer 2015 Internship

The Raspberry Pi Cloud 2.0 Summer Internship 2015

Build a second-generation Raspberry Pi Cloud with more powerful quad-core devices and develop an open-source software stack for international collaboration.


The Raspberry Pi Cloud [1] is a scale model of a cloud computing architecture that is used in the School of Computing Science for teaching and research. The project has been very successful and has attracted international press coverage,

Build the next Generation!

We are now looking for a student intern to work on a second-generation design, using Raspberry Pi 2 devices. The new devices will enable us to use the cloud for serious computation, taking advantage of standard Linux distributions to build a solid software stack.

Once the new tower is complete, there will be an opportunity to experiment with the Cloud using distributed frameworks such as Apache Spark, benchmarking the tower, and investigating the feasibility of a future ARM-based datacentre. We have recently purchased sophisticated power-measurement equipment, which will allow us to perform fine-grained power analysis of the new tower.

We are looking for a student intern to work for 10 weeks over the summer. The intern will be paid a stipend at the standard school rate of £250 per week.

This project is in collaboration with Dr Posco Tso at Liverpool John Moores. They are providing a 3D-printed physical chassis, which will be further refined over the summer.

The original Raspberry Pi Cloud has attracted interest from researchers across the globe, and there will be an opportunity to contribute to a scientific paper, contribute to our blog [2], and take the Cloud to events such as SICSA demofest.

We’re looking for an enthusiastic, self-motivated individual comfortable working with Linux. A lot of this work will be building a software stack, potentially compiling custom kernels, hacking software to get it running on ARM. We’ll be using open-source technologies such as Docker, SaltStack, Shipyard, and Apache Spark.

The successful candidate will work closely with Dr David R. White, Dr Jeremy Singer, and Dr Posco Tso.

Interested students should email a CV to by Friday 1st May.


[1] The Glasgow Raspberry Pi Cloud: A Scale Model for Cloud Computing Infrastructures. Tso et al., ICDCSW 2013.