Art & Film

I’m currently on hiatus from most of my art and film-making, partly imposed by COVID but also because I’m very busy building other things. I recently started collaborating on a short film screenplay, but it’s early doors.

The last film I was involved in was called “The Friendship Experience”, directed by talented film-maker Ben Brundell and accepted to GRACE 2020 in Berlin. The film was a Black Mirror-esque take on the impact of social media on our lives. I helped with workshopping, screenwriting, and then worked as a “creative director” on set.

When I lived in Glasgow I was an early member of the Glasgow Film Crew, and worked with them on a bunch of films, becoming inexplicably typecast as an Assistant Director (AD). Most of the films are not online – as they usually get submitted to festivals – except for the 48 Hour Film Projects and one or two wee fun shorts. As for my acting… that was always under duress and best forgotten. I’ve written and directed before, but am probably most useful as screenwriter and AD.

I love working with artists to build installations and help with other creative projects. Everything I’ve done is at the intersection of art and technology – either using technology to make art, or making art that reflects on technology. The most high-profile visual artwork I’ve collaborated on is “The Democracy Machine” with artist Adam Scarborough and electronics wizard Vincenzo Pusino, which has gone through three incarnations, one of which was acquired by the ZKM Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe.