What I do

I’m a scientist, researcher, software developer, and sometimes film-maker, guitarist, photographer and art maker. I live in the people’s republic of Sheffield in the UK, a green city of hills and rivers and surprising things.

I work within the Department of Computer Science at the University of Sheffield, where I began working on IoT and Machine Learning in January 2020 with Professor John A. Clark. Until the end of 2019 I was working on Quantum Computing within the Department of Physics & Astronomy at the University of Sheffield with Earl Campbell, Yingkai Ouyang, and Joschka Roffe.

I spend the second half of my week at the excellent Sheffield Tech Parks where I graduated from the Cooper Project, a scheme to help aspiring entrepreneurs develop their ideas into businesses. Sheffield has a good tech and startup scene, and there are some very exciting startups growing here.

The third half of my week is mostly spent consuming as many books, films, art exhibitions and hillwalks as possible, whilst also keeping up my membership of Sheffield’s stellar pub scene (in particular, see The Rutty).

What I’ve Done

My academic background is in Computer Science and particularly program synthesis, AI, and software engineering. During 2018 and 2019 I worked in Quantum Computing, on quantum chemistry simulation (which may lead to a new wave of drug discovery and advances in material science) and quantum error correction (an essential ingredient in the recipe for a truly general quantum computer).

I’ve worked as a nerd in industry in the distant past, and have occasionally developed commercial software in recent years too. In particular, I’ve worked with New Space companies on satellite tech, and right now I’m also building engineering tools for that sector.

Over the last decade I’ve done a lot of film-making, inexplicably becoming typecast as an Assistant Director, although I’ve done a fair bit of writing, sound, and even some acting (under duress). Before that I studied dark room photography, although I now use a DSLR.

I’ve also been involved in making art installations with a few artists, most notably on The Democracy Machine – which has gone through two incarnations, one of which emigrated to a gallery in Germany in 2018. I’m very interested in how tech can transform art and how art can transform tech. If you’re an artist in or near Sheffield and you’re interested in collaborating please drop me an email. I enjoy building things.

I’ve been playing guitar and writing songs for a very long time without any noticeable improvement, a hobby that is probably best kept between me and a few unfortunate neighbours.