What I do

I’m an entrepreneur, software developer, former academic, and sometimes film-maker, guitarist, photographer and art maker. I live in Manchester, a place of towering construction cranes and  skyscrapers, the home of a thriving tech scene, and one of the most vibrant and exciting cities in Europe. 

I am the founder of a software startup called Papermill. We’re building tools that help people easily create beautiful documents. We’re recruiting UX/UI designers and software developers, so if you’re in or near Manchester and want to work for an incredibly ambitious mission user-centred startup with lovely people then please get in touch.

I relocated to Manchester in 2022 after originally starting Papermill in Sheffield, where I was part of the Cooper Project at the excellent Sheffield Tech Parks, a scheme to help aspiring entrepreneurs develop their ideas into businesses. Sheffield has a good tech and startup scene, offers a high standard of living and beautiful surroundings – it’s a great place to start a business or as a base to work remotely from.

Before Papermill, I worked as a freelance software developer and tech consultant on short-term projects of all kinds, but especially prototypes for startups, SaaS, Artificial Intelligence, and art installations. I’m passionate about startups and have advised and worked with many companies over the years.

In a previous life, I was a researcher working in academia, mostly in Computer Science but also for a time in Physics. I worked in Computer Science at the University of Sheffield on IoT and Machine Learning with Professor John A. Clark, and on Quantum Computing within the Department of Physics & Astronomy with Earl Campbell, Yingkai Ouyang, and Joschka Roffe

I’ve worked as a nerd in industry in the distant past. For example, I’ve worked in research at BT and with New Space companies on satellite tech.

Over the last decade I’ve done a lot of film-making, inexplicably becoming typecast as an Assistant Director, although I’ve done a fair bit of writing, sound, and even some acting (under duress). Before that I studied dark room photography, although I now use a DSLR.

I’ve also been involved in making art installations with a few artists, most notably on The Democracy Machine – which has gone through two incarnations, one of which emigrated to a gallery in Germany in 2018. I’m very interested in how tech can transform art and how art can transform tech. SaveSave


When not working I try to consuming as many books, films, art exhibitions and hikes as possible, sampling Manchester’s excellent craft beer and consistently failing to improve at guitar.